You will be taken on a 12-week journey filled with workshops, master classes, group and individual sessions that aim to equip you with the skills either to find your own job or to set up your own business. Together we develop a programme - from assessment to mentorship, to new models of entrepreneurship – to create a welcoming host network to guide new refugees into the Belgian job market. You will be allocated a mentor who will support you throughout the programme and help you to shape the support you need.


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I recently asked a Syrian entrepreneur if he was afraid of failure. He smiled and replied: “I left friends behind, and journeyed for thousands of miles. I risked my own life, so I’ve already proven that I’m willing to take risks"

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Your mentor will work with you to find your job or to start up your own business in Belgium. They will ensure that you maximise your potential and make the most of the opportunities that Fresh Start provide.

Whether you have an existing business or just an idea - join us and Fresh Start will provide the knowledge and support to help you achieve your goals.


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