The project

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Are you a co-creator who had a business of your own in your home country?

Do you have an idea you want to develop?

Would you like to validate your skills and increase your employability?

Do you want to start a business of your own?


Then Fresh Start is for you!


  • Join the co-creation sessions on assessment, learning trajectory, 2Dgame, models of entrepreneurship both in and outside Belgium.

  • Explore your soft skills

  • Enhance your intercultural awareness

  • Increase your employability through validation of your education and talents  

  • Strengthen your entrepreneurship through validating your business idea

  • Expand your network


The Fresh Start programme will be ‘co-created’ by and for you and your community.


Get involved: Come along to one of our listening events to have your say in the shape of the support.


Education Programme

What is it?

Fresh Start offers a tailored business support programme for young refugees migrants that want to develop their entrepreneurial skills.


The programme is designed to support refugees who:

  • want to increase their employability

  • Would like to start their own business

  • Already have an idea and want to put it in practice

  • Already have started a business and need to grow or overcome specific       difficulties



Fresh Start organises co-creation sessions where experts in entrepreneurship or education and refugees design assessments, workshops, 2Dgame, networks of support services that introduce refugees into the job market of the adopted country: validation of education and talents, soft skills, intercultural awareness, higher employability and entrepreneurship skills.

A visual participants journey

  1. listening events

  2. co-creation workshops

  3. selection

  4. education programme

  5. mentoring

  6. pitch day

  7. network


1.  listening events

Attend one of our events, and learn more about the project, and be in a position to tailor the fresh start programme to suit you – professionally and personally.


2.  Co-creation workshops

Are you interested in being a part of the Fresh Start programme? Sign up, and let us know you are interested. We will contact you

3.  Selection

There are 40 places available! Go to the assessment sessions and interview opportunities.

4.  Education programme

a 12 week journey to your job. Choose your workshops

One to one business advice

Meet the Fresh Start advisor one-one


5.  Mentoring

You will be assigned a mentor. They will guide you through the programme and enable you to tailor the programme to your needs.


6.  Pitch day

The 12 week programme ends in a Pitch day. Where you share what you have learnt and developed to a panel of experts.


7.  Network

Go to (the portal site replace by link) and find out how to continue your journey