Upcoming events

Demo days: 22/01/2019


1. Launch Event

An event designed to allow participants to meet and get to know each other and the project team. It will also be an opportunity to meet mentors, hear talks by successful entrepreneurs and do networking. The (portal site replace by name and link) and 2D game will be introduced.


2. Individual mentor sessions

One to one sessions will be arranged for each participant throughout and after the 12 weeks programme.

Depending on the individual trajectory the mentor will support with developing an idea, business plan or a growth strategy. An action plan will be developed and will be used to track progress and any obstacles throughout the Education Programme and after its end.


3. Core Workshops

Delivered by academics from UCLL together with experts from entrepreneurship platforms, the Core Workshops will last for approximately 3 hours and will be scheduled to take place approximately every week.

They will cover the fundamental aspects of increasing your employability through entrepreneurship in its broad and narrow sense. Each workshop embraces learning by doing and you will upload a challenge to get your open badge. Examples of the topics which will be offered include:

  1. How to communicate? from translanguaging to online language courses

  2. Where are my talents? From linking your strengths to the EntreComp framework to validating your formal education via NARIC

  3. How does doing business in Belgium differ from doing business in my home country? From links about starting a business in Belgium to intercultural models of entrepreneurship and work ethics.

  4. How do I find ideas? From creativity to effectuation

  5. How do I expand my network? From business networks to communities of practice

  6. How do I participate in an intercultural team? From team roles to power distances and adaptability.

  7. Why does globalisation increase my opportunities as a refugee? From gig economy to risk management

  8. Why does digitalisation increase my opportunities? From personal branding to digital marketing.

  9. How do I create a business model canvas? From beneficiaries to achievements

  10. How do I engage stakeholders? From interview to pitch


4. Masterclasses

Delivered by UCLL and expert practitioners, they will last for approximately 3 hours and will be scheduled to take place approximately every week

Masterclasses are more intensive focused sessions established on the basis of the participants needs. They are a mix of design thinking and flipped learning. All resources are found on the (name of portal site). Examples of the topics which will be offered include:


  1. What would be my start-up story?

  2. Who are my start-up buddies?

  3. How does my experience as a refugee increase my entrepreneurial skills?

  4. How do I find a unique service, product?

  5. How do I try out my service /product in pop-ups, webshops?

  6. How do I find financial support?

  7. How do I make sure I live up to all the financial and legal rules and regulations?

  8. How do I apply new customer’s habits such as showrooming in my business?

  9. How do I connect to business partners?

  10. How do I fail forward?


5. Demo Days 

After 12 weeks you are invited to engage experts in your journey at a a Demo Day, a half-day event where you pitch your achievements to a panel of experts. Experts and your peers will give constructive feedback so you are ready to take your next steps be this to apply for a job, become or continue to be self-employed.